Missing In Action and Resolution Updates

Missing In Action and Resolution Updates

Lately, I have been missing in action, at least from the blogosphere. Since the restructuring at work, everyone has gone bananas. It has been frustrating and mentally draining. However, I am beginning, slowly, to be able to return to my regular work, and our team has made plans about what we would like to accomplish in the future. So there is hope that the craziness will soon be ending!

Since it looks like my life is starting to return to normal, it is time to return my attention to my home and family. The first thing that I want to do is assess my 2016 resolutions status.

Health – Progress

I need to return to my daily resistance band exercises for my shoulder. I would also like to add some daily core exercises, to help my running. If I can ever get into a routine, I would still like to add some weight training.

I am going to start using my standing desk at work again, starting with an hour a day. I need to train myself to get used to using it.

I have started running consistently again, and I am training for a 10-mile race in June and a half-marathon in August. If those go well, I may register for a marathon in the fall!

I hope to get myself and my daughter to the dentist while she is out of school for the summer.

Well-being – Progress

I am still practicing daily gratitude, though I am now longer tweeting daily. I honestly forgot about my goal to sit quietly each day, since there have been no quiet moments lately. I will be beginning this again today.

Home – Progress

Since I became a vegetarian on March 23, we have been eating out a lot less. This has made us all feel better and saved us a lot of money. Next month, we will re-commit to eating out only once a week.

I have renovated the front garden, and it is flourishing. I have had some beautiful roses already this year (pictures soon!). We have received so much rain that I have not yet needed to install an irrigation system, though I probably will before too long. I still need to finish the edger on the left side of the garden, and I want to resand the areas between the bricks with special permanent retaining wall sand.

I have done absolutely no decluttering lately. However, I am currently participating in Joshua Beckers’ Uncluttered course, which will hopefully kickstart his effort. I intend to devote at least an hour today, and an hour tomorrow to decluttering. I also want to take “before” pictures of all the rooms in my home. Someday, when my home is decluttered, I can look at them and say, “Wow! What was I thinking?”

I am going to try Angela’s SMART goals method for tacking the two big home projects: repainting our home and finishing the coat closet remodeling project. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. I am taking another week of vacation in a couple of weeks (I have to use it before June 30 or I lose it). My husband and I are planning to finish the painting on the front of the house, and start on the south side. I also plan to finish drywalling the closet during this week.

I am adding another goal as well. I plan to set aside one evening a week, and one day a month to spend with my daughter one-on-one. She will be going to college in a few years, and I want to soak up all the time with her that I can.

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