Old Hickory Village, 1918

My name is Jill and I live in beautiful, historic Old Hickory Village, just outside Nashville, TN, with my husband, daughter, and our four kitties. In 2012, I realized that, while my life was pleasant, I was going through the motions of living, not really engaging with the world around me. So many of the things that were once important to me had slipped away, and instead my life was filled with things that I didn’t really care about. Over the next year, I began to let go of those things. I started pursuing interests that I was passionate about. I stopped trying to fill my life with stuff that I thought would make me happy. Instead, I looked around my home and saw that “stuff” was getting in the way of who I wanted to be, and how I wanted to live. My journey led me to the concepts of minimalism, simple living, non-consumerism, and, oddly enough, do-it-yourself home improvement. But most importantly, my journey has put me on a path to happiness.

I have a long way to go to reach the life that I want to live. I hope that you will follow my story by subscribing, or even join me on my journey by starting your own story. If I can make this change and find happiness, you can too!

I started this blog in February, 2014 in order to capture my experience, and share all the cool new things that I was learning. I follow other minimalist and simple-living bloggers, and mention them throughout my posts. These are wonderful people who are helping people just like me along the path to a better, more fulfilling, happier life. Please visit their blogs for more inspiration. They never cease to inspire me.

Occasionally, I will will mention a product or item in my blog that I have found to be particularly wonderful. I am an Amazon Affiliate and sometimes link these items to the product listing on Amazon. If you click through from my blog, I will get a small commission that helps me maintain this website. Thank you! I only link to items that I have used myself, and that I love or enjoy.

If you have questions about My Blue Heaven In The ‘Burbs, you can leave a comment, reach me on the My Blue Heaven In The ‘Burbs Google+ page, or email me at myblueheavenintheburbs@gmail.com.

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