I am very excited that tomorrow is the start of Joshua Becker’s online course Uncluttered. The timing of the course could not be better for me. I just finished the big, nightmare project at work, and this is the perfect time to refocus on home, and my goals of decluttering and minimizing.

I am hoping that this course will provide the focus that I need to really make some progress on our decluttering. It seems that something always gets in the way when I am left to my own devices. But with the support of other course students, and specific goals each week, I believe that Uncluttered will provide the structure that I need to really make some progress.

I will (hopefully) have lots of awesome before and after pictures as my home is freed from clutter. I am going to try to spend some time today taking before photos. Hopefully, in a few months, I will be able to look back at these photos and marvel at how much progress I have made.

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