The More Of Less

The More Of Less

I have been lucky enough to receive an advance reading copy of Joshua Becker’s new book The More Of Less. I am so excited and grateful that I was selected to receive an advance reading copy, signed by the author himself! The book arrived Friday, and I immediately ripped open the package and ran upstairs to get comfortable on the bed and start reading.

A half an hour later, I was asleep.

Let me explain. My impromptu nap was in no way a reflection on Joshua Becker’s wonderful new book. This weekend was the giant, monstrous culmination of the a year and half of planning, testing, and stressing at work. The university and medical center that I work for are restructuring to become a university and medical center, two separate institutions rather than one combination institution. My team had to facilitate the transfer of millions of dollars of awards to the new institution, as well as completely reconfigure our software to handle the now two separate entities. And due to irony of life, I also had to program an entirely new set of the electronic forms, used to allow us to submit applications for funding to the federal government, during the last two months because we have to start using them on May 25.

To this end, I have been working non-stop all day, every day, then coming home and working for a few more hours at night, and on weekends, to get ready for the big “split”. I worked a 14 hour day on Thursday doing the final push of data cleanup and tying up loose ends before the systems outage, so when I arrived home Friday, I was exhausted. Even the promise of Joshua Becker’s long-awaited new book couldn’t keep me awake.

After working all weekend, everything is (I dearly hope) ready for us to activate the new systems tomorrow. Nothing remains but to, as patiently as possible, answer user questions and complaints about the new world order, make it through the week, and then collapse in exhaustion.

Now that things are settling down, I will have more time and brain-power to devote to this wonderful new book. I have already read about half of it, but when I am done, I want to read it through again, highlighter in hand. I will have a full review once I have been able to devote actual awake-time to reading the book.

Additionally, I am starting Joshua’s new Uncluttered online class next week. Please visit Joshua’s website, Becoming Minimalist, for more information about the course and the new book.

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