Blooms In The Rose Garden

Blooms In The Rose Garden

Here are a few photos of the latest blooms in the rose garden. I want to also say that all of these roses smell deliciously rosy!

The Alnwick Rose (English rose)


Kathleen Harrop (antique Bourbon rose)


Alfred Colomb (hybrid perpetual)


Olivia Rose Austin (English rose)


Princess Alexandra of Kent (English rose)


Darcey Bussell (English rose)


Queen of Sweden (English rose)


The English roses are really flourishing, though I have had a few issues with some of the others. Something got to my Braveheart and Yesterday roses and munched all over them. And of course the Bourbon roses all have blackspot, due to all the rain that we have been having. I have sprayed, and they seem to be recovering, but I check daily for issues since I really want my garden to be a success. It looks like I will also have to apply some grass killer, since Bermuda grass insists on coming back even after I rip it out.

Still the blooms and the fragrance make all the work worthwhile.

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