Breaking in the New Year

Breaking in the New Year

This week, I really didn’t do anything but work. If you are tired of hearing me talk about work, rest assured that I am as well! The organization for which I work is undergoing a major restructuring. The legal close date is February 29. Until then, it’s all hands on deck. I am not yet at the point where I am having to work weekends – my guess is that will start next month. Yesterday, I actually had so much going on that I didn’t have time to go pee! Needless to say (though I am going to say it anyway, darn it!), I am exhausted at the end of each day.

However, my New Year’s Micro-Resolutions are coming along OK.


I give myself 70% for my health resolutions. I did my resistance band exercises most days. I went running once, and plan to go again today and tomorrow (even though it has turned cold again). I used my standing desk at work a for over an hour at least one day. And I logged my meals every single day in My Fitness Pal.

For the coming week, I will work on better consistency in all areas.


I am giving myself 50% for my well-being resolutions. I posted my Daily Gratitude daily on Twitter (#DailyGratitude) – using my Passion Planner to record daily actions helped remind me to do this. Some of things that I was grateful for might not have been particular inspired (one day I was grateful for pot roast), but the action gave me a moment each day to realize my blessings.

I meditated only once, while I was waiting for my massage appointment yesterday. The spa is nice and quiet and smells sooooo good! I wish I had a place like that to meditate every day.


We did a good job this week of meal planning and not eating out. We chose to use our one-eat-out-night-a-week last night – I had buffalo wings!

I spent an lot of time this week perusing the David Austin Roses website, the “roses” area of Help Me Find, and the indispensable forums at Garden Web, to try to select the roses that I want for the front beds. There are so many beautiful choices! I have a color scheme in mind, based around my current star rose, Zephrine Drouhin. Zephrine is a thornless antique Bourbon climbing rose that I tried on a whim, and have never regretted! She is on a trellis near the front porch of my house, and when she blooms in the spring and summer, the whole yard smells like roses.


I really like this style of rose. Many David Austin roses are similar to the look of the Bourbons, so I am hoping to build on Zephy’s beauty, and extend that look to the rest of the front of the house. I started, last weekend, clearing the beds out front of dead plants and weeds, and I hope to work on it some more today, even though it is cold. I will need to place my plant order at the beginning of February to be guaranteed the varieties that I want. One of the roses that I was interested in has already sold out!

Zephy will be getting a new or upgraded trellis this year as well. I will be posting more about the garden upgrade as it progresses. I am very grateful that I have this exciting project to help me relax and take my mind of work!

I have not abandoned the Great Coat Closet Remodel Project. I am just too tired to hang drywall on the weekends! I will work on that project as the mood strikes me for the next couple of months, and then knuckle down and get it done once the situation at work settles down.

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