Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow

It’s time again for Reading Rainbow, in which I, your hostess, link to interesting and insightful articles and items that I have come across over the past few weeks.

The Minimalists have launched a new podcast. I listened to the first episode and was instantly hooked. Joshua and Ryan are down-to-earth, likable, and humorous, with lots of tips and advice that is actually useful. I am looking forward to the next episode. The podcast is currently available through iTunes, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

This article by Julie Schumacher, “What My Mother Wanted Us To Pack”, actually made me a little misty, but not in a bad way. I am usually not a fan of things described as “touching”, but Schumacher’s mother sounds like a remarkable woman. Her attitude towards her possessions lessened the burden on her daughters at her passing, without diminishing the love that she had for them.

This article, dating from before Christmas, was an interesting look at the waning appetite for consumption among holiday shoppers.

After reading Tammy’s latest “Little Letter”, and checking out her new Now page, I was inspired to make my own Now page. You can see the new link in the menu bar above. Tammy (and I) were inspired by this article by Derek Sivers.

Happy reading!

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