Get Fit Plan – Update

Get Fit Plan – Update

Last week, I launched my simple Get Fit Plan. My first goal is to build consistency with my healthy habits, starting with my running. To that end, I was able to complete four runs last week, as planned, included one longer (and more painful) run of 8 miles. However, those of you who follow me on Twitter or RunKeeper have probably noticed the distinct lack of new activity since Saturday. Never fear! I have not already fallen off the wagon!

Sunday was a rest day after my long run of 8 miles, and I needed it as my foot and calf were really bothering me. I planned to run Monday, but by the time we got home from piano and errands, it was 8:00. I don’t like to run that late during the week, because it takes me a while to wind down after a run, interfering with much needed weekday rest. On Tuesday, my daughter had a track meet which lasted until around 7:45. On Wednesday, she had another track meet, for the field events, which lasted until about the same time.

Consequently, I have not run at all this week … yet! However, I have runs on my schedule in my Passion Planner for the next four days. The weather has been GORGEOUS and I am super looking forward to getting out for a nice run after work today! Tomorrow night, I am planning on a 6-mile run, and then two regular 3-mile runs on Saturday and Sunday.

So I will complete my four runs, even if they are all bunched up together. Because sometimes life gets in the way. But that doesn’t mean that you give up the things that are important to you. On Tuesday and Wednesday, it was much more important to support my daughter as she competed in the end-of-year divisional track and field meet. And I was there to cheer my daughter’s team on as they ran the 4 X 100m relay. And I was there when she took 6th-place for the high jump! And I was there when she received her award. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

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