Where I Run

Where I Run

I have mentioned many times how much I love running, particularly in Old Hickory Village where I live. I love it so much, that I asked my daughter to go running me as my Mother’s Day present (above). BEST. PRESENT. EVER. We both had a great time!

With the launch of my Get Fit Plan, I thought I would share a little about where I run. I have a 2.6 mile loop that starts about .2 miles from my house. So to the loop, around the loop, and home is 3 miles. When I want to run longer, I add on additional loops or a partial loop before heading back to the house.

I start at my home and head towards the main street of Old Hickory. Here is the view from the start of my loop.


I turn south, though, and head down towards the highway.


About a block before I reach the highway, I cross the street by the ball field, and head back north. Look at all the nice shady trees, wonderful in summer, gorgeous in fall.


I pass the Church of Christ, with all the roses blooming.


Near the post office, the water tower comes into view, as I run by the empty lot where the shopping center used to be.


I take the road out of town, towards the sunset.


Oh, look! There are my friends the deer. I see them most evenings as I head toward Dupont.


In this area, the smell of honeysuckle is amazing. It wafts on the air from this copse across the road.


Most nights, I can watch the sunset over Dupont. I like the contrast of the wide sky over the the industrial setting. Something about it …


Dusk. This area is called Old Hickory Triangle. There used to be a market on this spot, many years ago. Now there is a lovely gazebo.


Back to the empty lot where the shopping center used to be. On full moon nights, the light will sometimes cut off, making this is a great place to see the stars.


And here’s the water tower again. The lights below are the fire station, on the right, and the playground, on the left. There are actually two water towers, this one and a smaller one behind it.


I’m back on the main street and turning back towards my house. It’s so straight that I can see any oncoming traffic for at least half a mile. A slight downhill allows me to pick up the pace.


The Baptist Church is all lit up. I often use the vestibules for water or fuel breaks on long runs.


Almost home, this is the small park across from my house.


And that’s it! I turn down my street and sprint to the end, assuming that I am not exhausted from an 8-miler or something. Usually Simon or Isabella is waiting for me on the porch.

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