Recoup My Coup – Under Table Reveal!

Recoup My Coup – Under Table Reveal!

First off, let me start by saying that this has been a crazy hectic week. However, I made it through, have arrived at the weekend, and I intend to relax. It is sunny and warmer today (finally), so I will be doing laundry and hanging it on the line, but I don’t have any other major projects planned for the weekend. I am taking a bag of donations to Southern Thrift today after my daughter’s soccer game. And I will be photographing some new items to post on eBay later this week. And I plan to go for a 4-5 mile run later today. But other than that, I plan to relax. I have a brand new (to me) book about feng shui burning a hole in my e-reader!

NOW, on to the reveal! The under table area was the smallest area on my Dining Room Decluttering mind-map, so I didn’t make it it’s own mind-map like I usually would. Here is what it looked like BEFORE:


Here is another photo. Notice how there is lumber piled under the table. This is for a project that I am planning, and since we don’t have a garage or outdoor storage area, this is where is has been living since I bought it a year ago!


I actually completed this decluttering project last weekend, but am just getting around to writing about it. First, I removed all the lumber from underneath the table and took it out on the front porch. You might be able to see in the picture that there was also a miter saw under the table as well. I took it out on the front porch too.

My husband packed away the extension cords and lights and put them in the attic. I took the quilt batting upstairs into the sewing room until I am ready for it. The sewing machine cover stayed under the table – I refuse to put away the sewing machine until I have completed the Christmas quilts for my parents! Putting it away will be my reward.

Next, I set up a work table out on the front porch. I won’t include all the details of this project now. I will have a complete post later concerning my Garden Bench Glider Upcycling Project. All you need to know for now is that several years ago, we rescued an awesome garden bench / glider from our neighbors trash pick-up pile (we asked her if it was OK of course). The bench was in need of a makeover at that time, and several years sitting forlornly in our yard did not help it. Here it is, as of last weekend:


Sad, yes? I bought all the stuff to clean it and repaint it, including new lumber for the seat, last year. But I couldn’t get the bolts off because they were all rusted. So last weekend, my husband went out and got the bolts off and disassembled the bench. Now, I can clean it, paint it, and install a new seat.

Anyway, I cut the lumber from under the table into the appropriate lengths for the bench seat and arms. Here are some of the pieces:


(Full disclosure, the cut wood is now leaning against the wall in the kitchen, where it is out of the way. Perhaps this weekend, or next, or one night this week, I will tackle the next step, which is drilling holes for the bolts.)

Once I was done cutting the wood, my husband put the miter saw in the attic, since we won’t be needing it again for a while. Then he kindly vacuumed under the table for me. With no lumber or saw under the table, someone sitting at the table can now actually scoot their chair under the table!

Here is the cleared area under the table now. See? All clear, except for my husband’s feet and a cat toy:


See how much better it makes the whole room look?


Small steps, people, small steps.

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