A Successful Day

A Successful Day

Today was what I consider a successful day. I managed to purge my home of several unneeded items, sending them all to new homes where they will be loved and appreciated.

The first item was a old dehumidifier. (I live in the South, where dehumidifiers are revered and cherished.) It still works, but we replaced it with a less bulky one several years ago. The old one went to live with my friend and office mate, to keep his apartment from turning into a rainforest.

The second item was a practically brand new window A/C unit. I placed a posting on Freecycle this morning, and had found a home for it by this afternoon. The nice man who adopted it also adopted our colorful tomato cages and some lengths of portable wire garden fencing.

Additionally, we spent time clearing overgrowth from the backyard – two large bags and there is still more to go. But already the yard is starting to look livable again.

I take it back – it wasn’t a successful day. It was a VERY successful day!

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