Holiday Declutter Progress Week Four

The first half of the week saw very little decluttering in the final rush up to Christmas Day. However, I was able to dig in and get a little decluttering done.

Day 14

I decluttered the end table next to my end of the sofa. It had become piled up with magazines and other random things, mostly knitting-related. Most of the items just needed to be put away in the drawers of the table. I cleaned out the drawers, organized the contents, and put away the knitting items. Then I cleared the table surfaces and cleaned them well. In the end, I threw out 5 items, recycled 2 items, and donated 2 items, for a total of 9 items. The decluttered top made a perfect place to display my little holiday churches!



Day 15

My daughter had gone through her toys earlier this fall and selected several items for donation. There were dolls, stuffed animals, and a child-size guitar, among other things. I went through all the toys and cleaned them up, so that they could be donated to the Holiday Bureau. There were 2 toys that were too worn out to donate, and one teddy bear that we agreed was too cute, so we kept it. But we bagged up the rest of the stuffed animals and toys for donation.

We met my parents for lunch and to exchange gifts last weekend, in a town half way between our home and theirs. They gladly took our bags of donations back for us, a total of 27 items, so that the Holiday Bureau would have them in time Christmas.

Day 16

I went through my closet and chiffarobe and got rid of 25 items. My daughter also sorted through her wardrobe, and was able to beat my total by one item, choosing to donate 26 items. We bagged the clothing up, a total of 51 items for donation to Goodwill.

Day 17

There were two bags hanging near the front door that I previously used for carrying items back and forth to work. Each bag had worn out at some point, and I had simply hung them by the front door, with items still in them(!), never to be thought of again. I went through both of those bags and got rid of 50 items, mostly papers that I meant to file three years ago but which were now irrelevant, old magazines, and receipts. Additionally, I discarded one of the bags, but kept the other as a grocery bag.

This week I also discarded another worn out lunch bag from the kitchen, an abandoned cat toy, a pair of socks that I found under the sofa which had holes in them, and a couple of other random items, for a total of 142 items for the week.

Decluttering Total To Date: 541 items removed

And remember that kitchen counter that I decluttered way back in Week One? Well, it provided the perfect spot to set out my polar bear salt and pepper shakers for the holidays, right by my dalmatian and fire hydrant shakers! #DeclutterSuccess


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