The Decluttering Season

The Decluttering Season

As many of you know, I am a runner. However, I have not been running much lately. A string of illnesses and injuries have kept me off the roads and the trails. Now that the weather has turned colder, and it is almost dark when I get home in the evening, I have very little motivation to head out for a run after work. Luckily, Runner’s World has a virtual event every year called RW Run Streak (#RWRunStreak on Twitter). Here is the description from the Runner’s World website:

The run streak is designed to keep you running through the holiday season, and to bridge the gap between fall races and training for the spring. It can be difficult this time of the year to keep your running on track—but it’s much easier if you have a goal and a plan.

The goal is simple: Run at least one mile per day, every day, starting on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 26) and ending on New Year’s Day (Friday, January 1). That’s 37 consecutive days of running.

This year, I will be participating in #RWRunStreak. It will be a nice way to ease back into running after such a long layoff.

The annual return of #RWRunStreak gave me an idea. This time of year, I always feel more motivation to declutter. Because the weather has turned colder, I spend more time indoors, and after a while, the mountains of stuff really start to get to me. I always think of the empty days after New Year’s as the decluttering season. So this year, in the same way that I plan to revitalize my running routine with #RWRunStreak, I want to revitalize my decluttering. Starting the day after Thanksgiving, I will set aside time every day for decluttering and removing items from my home. I will be posting my progress here and on Twitter with #HolidayDeclutterStreak.

This is the perfect time of year to declutter. With new items coming into the house in the form of Christmas and holiday gifts, it’s a good time to re-evaluate current possessions, clear out space, and make room for those things that matter.

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