Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow

The weather has turned cool and rainy as remnants of Hurricane Patricia move through the area. All the trees are starting to change to their pretty fall colors. But sometime mid-Saturday, I started coughing. Then, I woke up Sunday with a sore throat. Now, two days later, I have a full-fledged cold. Staying inside with a cup of tea or a cookie (or two) and a good book is totally acceptable under these circumstances.

For anyone else stuck inside, here are a few fun and interesting items that I have lately run across:

8 Ways Clutter Keeps You Poor was an interesting read, and I can certainly identify with the part about having to buy something because I couldn’t find it in my house!

In A New, Minimalist Economy, Joshua Becker discusses whether or not the economy would decline if everyone became a minimalist.

And with the weather turning cooler, I really think I need these adorable marshmallows for my hot chocolate. Unfortunately, they are only sold in Japan, for now.

The included photo was taken at Burgess Falls outside of Cookeville, Tennessee.

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