Today I Am …

This post was originally published January 21, 2015.

My new favorite blog that I have discovered is Katy Wolk-Stanley’s The Non-Consumer Advocate. Among other things, Katy advocates buying used rather than new whenever possible and has inspired countless others to do the same. Her blog is wonderful, and I have been thoroughly enough reading all the back posts.

One type of post that Katy does, that I am going to try today, is the “Today I Am …” post, where she talks about things she will do today, and how she manages to work frugality and green living into each aspect. I love these posts, as they give me all kinds of little ideas that I can try. While my “Today I Am” post won’t be as inspiring as hers, I thought I would give it a whirl anyway. So, without further ado,

Today I Am …

  • Home with my daughter who is sick, and enjoying the quiet house, since my husband is at school
  • Enjoying having the windows open and the heat off during this rare burst of warm January weather
  • Doing laundry, like sheets and towels, to hang out on the line to dry, taking advantage of the fresh air and sunshine. I am also monitoring my detergent usage, since I think I have been using way too much!

  • Planning on cleaning out from under the kitchen sink so that I can make room for some things that currently have no home
  • Watching Friends on Netflix when my husband gets home from school. We are up to Season 4, and I am enjoying the episodes so much more in order, rather than all the hit or miss re-runs that have played for the last 10 years
  • Hoping to go for a run later
  • Wondering what that weird sound is in our neighborhood. It sounds like an alien playing the pipe organ!

What are you doing today?

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