Library Construction Underway!

Library Construction Underway!

I am finally getting started constructing the bookshelves for the new library! Lizzy and Haru were my little helpers. I put down a blanket to protect the new floor finish while I constructed the shelves.

We purchased shelves from the Havsta collection at Ikea. We chose these shelves because they are made from solid wood, and come in several configurations. We chose the dark brown finish. Several of the shelves will be completely open, while others have glass or solid doors. The shelves have bases that resemble baseboards to give them a built-in look. I will be trimming and replacing the baseboards that I removed, and re-installing them in between the shelves.

I plan to assemble all the bases first, so I can get an idea of where I want to place each shelf. Once I have settled on the exact placement, I’ll construct the rest of each shelf and put them in place. So exciting!

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