The Great Coat Closet Remodel Project: Color

Yesterday morning, we had severe storms move through our area. I was awakened by tornado sirens going off at 7:00 am. Shortly thereafter, the power was knocked out. We were without power for over 14 hours, but luckily sustained no other damage.

Since we had no power, I wasn’t able to make any progress on the coat closet yesterday. However, the day before, I had burned the midnight oil (okay, it was really only the 9:00 pm oil) to get the second coat of spackling sanded. So this morning, I was able to move right into the painting portion of the project.

First, I taped off all the outlets, switches, junction boxes, electric cables, etc. with painters tape. I applied one coat, then took a break to pay bills, then applied the second coat.

The picture doesn’t do the color justice. The color is a pale peachy beige that reminds me of candelight:

You can see an uneven vertical strip on the right side of the photo. While unsightly, that will be covered by a piece of pegboard that we will use to store tools, so I am not to worried about it.

Next step, baseboards and trim!

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