The Great Coat Closet Remodel Project: The Final Countdown

The Great Coat Closet Remodel Project:  The Final Countdown

I am on vacation for a whole glorious week! Steve and Dharma will be at school, which means I will have the house all to myself, at least during the day. This is the perfect time to finish off the coat closet once and for all.

My vacation officially doesn’t start until Monday. But I decided to get a jump on some of the work today. I taped all the straight seams of the drywall in preparation for tomorrow, when I plan to start spackling.

There was quite a bit of unevenness in the drywall in the front part of the closet. The whole ceiling seems to slope slightly and there are also some differences in the width of the wall studs. Because of this, I had some trouble properly fitting the pieces of drywall. Some of the unevenness can be seen here along the seam where I installed the junction box.

I am going to have to apply my very best spackling skills to make it come out nicely!

Today all I did was tape the straight seams with fiberglass tape. It only took about 15 minutes. Fiberglass tape is slightly sticky on one side, so it sticks easily to the drywall, but can be lifted and repositioned as necessary.

I will use paper tape for the corners as I apply the first coat of spackling tomorrow. The end is in sight!

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