Snorlax Love

Snorlax Love

For the past couple of weeks, my daughter and I have been hunting Pokemon a la PokemonGo (along with everyone else in the world) almost every evening. It has gotten us outside and given us some time together just having fun. I have probably walked 10 miles just hunting Pokemon. Since our neighborhood has tons of historical sites, all within a mile of each other, we have also met a lot of new people, also Pokemon hunters, who have flocked to the area to load up on Pokeballs and potions.

We are currently in the middle of a dangerous heat wave. Last night, I had a 6-mile run planned as part of my half-marathon training, and luckily some passing storms temporarily cooled the air enough to make my run really enjoyable. At sunset, the same retreating storms also set the sky on fire.

My running route takes me past all the local Pokestops, so I was able to load up on Pokeballs while running, as well as hatch a 10km egg, which turned out to be a very rare Snorlax! (seen above).


Today, we are stuck inside, hiding from the excessive heat. But tonight, we are all heading out after dark for a nighttime Pokemon hunt. I keep thinking that I should get some projects done, or some decluttering, or something productive. But playing outside is way more fun!

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