New Bed, Well Received

Our new heat and air system was installed Friday, just in time for the wicked hot weather this weekend. Unfortunately, there were some electrical issues that arose during the installation. We long ago reconciled ourselves to the fact that the last people who remodel our home took A LOT of shortcuts. Apparently, the electrical for the HVAC systems was one of them. Long story short, an electrician will come on Tuesday to correct the electrical issues. We have just enough left on our newly opened “heat and air” line of credit to cover the cost. However, the wonderful company that installed the system for us was able to get the new unit running, thankfully not leaving us without air conditioning for the super-hot weekend.

And on Saturday, our new bed arrived! As a reminder, our 14-year-old bed looked like this:


And our new, super-comfy, not saggy in the middle, sleeping on a cloud bed looks like this:


The new bed includes two split-queen box springs, which actually fit up the staircase. And the mattress is wonderfully plush and firm at the same time. We also bought a new non-squeaky bed frame. The bed is so high that my feet don’t touch the floor when I am sitting on the edge. And thankfully, our old sheets, which I really love, fit the new bed.

But most importantly, Bridget approves!


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