The Real Black Friday

The Real Black Friday

In our home, we have a little tradition called “Fifi Friday”. What is this marvelous custom, you may ask? Well, we come home Friday afternoon and spend the evening relaxing with our kitties. That’s pretty much it. Usually, my little black kitty Fifi snuggles on my lap while I watch TV or knit or read. Or work on my blog. Like now, for example.

When there is a holiday, we have a special “holiday” edition of Fifi Friday that lasts all weekend. And this Thanksgiving is no exception!

As everyone knows, the Friday after Thanksgiving is the infamous Black Friday. However, I have decided it’s time for a better Black Friday – a Fifi Black Friday. So rather than shopping ’til you drop this Black Friday, please enjoy these photos of Fifi, my little chocolate drop.



Little Fifi






Aaawwww! Fifi Black Friday! The best Black Friday ever!

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