Ice Station My Blue Heaven

Ice Station My Blue Heaven

This morning when I woke up, everything was frozen. The sun was out, and sharp lights glinted off icicles, trees, grass, cars, and pavement. A half an inch of ice, covered with about one inch of snow, had shut down the city.



All day today, as I worked from home, I heard the drip of water from the eaves, and the occasional crash of ice falling from the trees. For most of the morning, that was all I heard. No one was out. But as the day wore on, a few creatures began to stir.

For example, someone was out on the back porch this morning. Hmmm …


Someone was in the garden.


And someone was out enjoying some good sledding!


As the day wore on, the afternoon brought the sounds of ice being scraped and snow being shoveled. Even I ventured out for a while. When I went to hang some wash on the line, I had to chip all the ice off it first.


When I put some seed out for the birds, the yard was dripping in the afternoon sun. But there was too much ice for one cold-but-sunny afternoon to melt away.







Other than a few small branches that fell, we did not have much damage from the storm. However, while I was out taking pictures, I did have some near misses from some deadly-looking icicles that came crashing down.



With the yard pretty much frozen, and the chance of icicle-crashage pretty high, Simon (The Wonder Cat) did not spend much time outside today. In fact, the trauma of briefly stepping out on the deck this morning did him in for the rest of the day!


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