Miss Elizabeth Bandy Bennett, AKA Lizzy the Busy Dizzy Kitty

Miss Elizabeth Bandy Bennett, AKA Lizzy the Busy Dizzy Kitty

I would like everyone to help me welcome the latest addition to our little family, Miss Elizabeth Bandy Bennett, fondly know as Lizzy, Izzy, Lil’ Bit, or Stop That.

After Fifi passed away, our entire family sank into sadness. The house seemed so empty without her. Simon and Bridget were moping around in the most heart-breaking manner. Bridget kept trying to cheer us up, to the point where she seemed exhausted. Even though only a few weeks has passed, we decided to adopt another kitty. We weren’t trying to replace Fifi. She is irreplaceable, and no kitty will ever fill her space. But we desperately needed a little joy back in our lives.

We visited a few shelters, but no one seemed to be a good fit. Until we met Lizzy, then known as Bandy. It was love at first sight.

We found Lizzy through Happy Tales Humane in Franklin, TN. She had come to them, along with her brother, when she was very young. She had spiral fractures in both her front legs (we suspect from being thrown from a car), and required thousands of dollars in surgery just to get her walking again. When we visited Happy Tales, I fell in love with her instantly. She is now 8 months old, and you would never know that she had suffered the way she did. She is solid black, with tiny spot of white on her chest and her tummy.

Lizzy is currently training for an Olympic medal in scampering. She also loves water, particularly the kitchen sink:

She has been with us just over two weeks and has settled in wonderfully. She is funny and playful and full of energy, but she also loves to crawl up into my lap for a cuddle. She is respectful of Isabella, loving to Simon, and a wonderful playmate for Bridget. She is a very different kitty from Fifi, and that is a good thing – the comparisons would be too painful. We are already in love with her.

After being at the shelter, she is delighted with all the space that she has available to her. All of Fifi’s toys are a treasure trove of excitement for her. She is fascinated with the birds, the next door neighbors, and anyone who walks by our house. And she has discovered the bliss of a nap in the sun.

We have promised to give her the best life we can. Hopefully, we can make up for all the suffering that she endured as a kitten.

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