Arctic Sharknado and Blizzard-zilla!

Arctic Sharknado and Blizzard-zilla!

I was able to work from home twice this week, first on Wednesday and again on Friday. With the hectic schedule I have recently had at work, working from home was a welcome respite. I was able to get quite a bit of work done without interruptions, meetings, emails, etc. I owe my days of productivity to two winter storms systems that swept through our area this week.

Tuesday night, a weather system moved in, dumping about 1/10 inch of ice and a bit of snow, cancelling schools and making driving problematic. But Thursday night, a huge weather system came through and blanketed our area with at least 8 inches of snow, effectively shutting the city down. As you may know, the National Weather System now names winter storms. Given the panic ahead of the first storm (due to the threat of ice), I dubbed it Arctic Sharknado. The second storm featured temperatures in the teens and lots of swirling snow, so I name into Blizzard-zilla! (the exclamation point IS part of the name).

Here are a few scenes from Blizzard-zilla!

A view of the street, early in the day. You can see how fast and thick the snow is falling.


Another view of the street. At this point, the snow was falling at a rate of about 1 1/2 inches an hour.


Snow falling on the tree branches.


A few hours later, you can no longer determine where the street lies.


Fifi, watching the snowfall.


Snow on my Carefree Delight rose bush. Another name for this rose is “Bingo”. I planted it in memory of my beautiful kitty Bingo. It unfortunately has Rose Rosette Disease and will be removed within the next month. The birds LOVE this bush and will sorely miss it.


Snow on the crepe myrtles. Notice the beautiful reddish bark!


Our pink flamingo, practically buried in snow. For reference, his legs are about 10 inches long.


A cardinal (upper right) near the bird feeder.


The sun is trying to break through today and we are already seeing some melting from the roofs and cars. Blizzard-zilla! has departed our area and it headed for Washington, DC and the East Coast.

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